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-The Grand Finale! Ep. XVIIIb - The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, pt. 10 "The Candle in the Wind" is now available!!! listen, like, subscribe on iTunes

***UPDATE*** I am currently in the process of re-recording Ep. 8-14 so that their audio quality reflects that of the most recent episodes. Ep. 8, 9, and 10 have been redone already. The files have been replaced on soundcloud, so please go to iTunes, and re-download these episodes so you have the updated versions. Enjoy!!! listen, like, subscribe on iTunes

-Ep. 0-2 on JS Bach have also been redone, please re-download those as well.

-Ep. XVIIIa - The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven , pt. 10 "The Candle in the Wind" is now available on iTunes!!! listen, like, and subscribe!!! 

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