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-Ep. III - The Life of JS Bach, pt. 3 "The Cantor of Leipzig" has been rerecorded at last! lots of new music in this one, so please download it again on iTunes.

-Ep. XIX - The Life of György Ligeti, pt. 1 "Down the Rabbit Hole" Now available on iTunes!!! listen, like, subscribe on iTunes

***UPDATE*** I am currently in the process of re-recording Ep. 8-14 so that their audio quality reflects that of the most recent episodes.
Ep. 8 to 13 have been redone already. The files have been replaced on soundcloud, so please go to iTunes, and re-download these episodes so you have the updated versions. Enjoy!!! listen, like, subscribe on iTunes

-The Grand Finale! Ep. XVIIIb - The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, pt. 10 "The Candle in the Wind" is now available!!! listen, like, subscribe on iTunes

-Ep. 0-2 on JS Bach have also been redone, please re-download those as well.

-Ep. XVIIIa - The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven , pt. 10 "The Candle in the Wind" is now available on iTunes!!! listen, like, and subscribe!!! 

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